A transportation term meaning either goods being transported, and/or charges incurred for such transport. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. freight freight 1 [freɪt] noun [uncountable]
1. TRANSPORT goods carried in large quantities by ship, plane, train etc:

• A 747 can carry freight as well as passengers.

• The volume of rail freight is only 8% of the rail-and-road total.

• The Panama Canal has lost some of its importance because of air freight.

• The railroad is now only used by freight trains.

• a freight car (= a wagon pulled by a train in which freight is carried )

TRANSPORT goods such as coal, steel, and grain carried as freight:

• Among foodstuffs, grain was the principal bulk freight.

2. TRANSPORT the cost of carrying goods in large quantities by ship, plane, train etc:

• The goods had been loaded on board the vessel and freight had been paid.

• The railways adopted a negative attitude to the milk trade, refusing to grant concessionary freight rates.

3. freight inwards ACCOUNTING used on the debit side of the profit and loss account to show that payments are for the cost of transporting goods a company has bought
  [m0] II. freight freight 2 verb [transitive] TRANSPORT
to transport goods in large quantities by ship, plane, train etc:

• There was no time to send the equipment by ship, so it was freighted in a B747F aircraft.

— freighting noun [uncountable] :

• coal freighting

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freight UK US /freɪt/ noun [U] TRANSPORT
goods that are transported by ship, aircraft, train, or truck, or the method of transporting these goods: »

The ship carries both freight and passengers.


a freight company


Will the goods be sent by air or sea freight?


freight trains


Everything was loaded into a freight car/wagon on the train.


a freight carrier/hauler/operator

the money paid for transporting goods: »

If you buy the full three-piece set, we will pay the freight.

See also AIRFREIGHT(Cf. ↑airfreight) noun, BULK FREIGHT(Cf. ↑bulk freight), CARRIAGE AND FREIGHT(Cf. ↑carriage and freight), COST AND FREIGHT(Cf. ↑cost and freight), COST, INSURANCE AND FREIGHT(Cf. ↑cost, insurance and freight)
freight UK US /freɪt/ verb [T]
to transport goods by aircraft, ship, train, or truck: »

Grapes from this region are freighted all over the world.

See also AIRFREIGHT(Cf. ↑airfreight) verb
freight UK US /freɪt/ adverb
by ship, aircraft, train, or truck as part of a large group of things being transported: »

It would be much cheaper to send the goods freight.

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